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General Records Schedules

General Records Schedules cover the types of records created or received by all state and local government agencies. They govern records retention and disposition—facilitating the management and timely disposal of records.

The Public Records Administration is preparing a new, more comprehensive General Records Schedule, which will ultimately replace General Schedule 1 and General Schedule 2 in their entirety. Eight sections of the new schedule have been completed and were approved by the Attorney General and the Auditor General, as required by law (§38-3-6(b) and §42-8.1-10). The eight sections are:

One remaining section will be added: GRS8 Fiscal Records.

NOTE: The record series in GRS1 through GRS7 and GRS9 now supersede the same or similar series in General Schedule 1. State and local government agencies should continue to make use of General Schedule 1 (PDF Document) and General Schedule 2 (PDF Document) for record series not found within GRS1 through GRS7 and GRS9.

Retention periods shown in all schedules are minimum retention periods. Agencies may have need to retain records longer than these minimum retention periods—most notably if the records may be required in current or pending litigation, or for a current or pending request under the Access to Public Records Act (RIGL 38-2).

Before actual records destruction may take place, agencies must submit a Certificate of Records Destruction to the State Archives/Public Records Administration (§38-1-10, §38-3-6(j), and §42-8.1-10). Certificates of Records Destruction authorize the disposal of records and act as the legal replacement for the actual records subsequently destroyed.

Finally, General Records Schedule/General Schedules should not be confused with agency specific schedules, which govern the retention and disposition of records unique to a particular agency’s programs and statutory functions.