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A. Ralph Mollis is serving his second term as Secretary of State. Since first taking office on Jan. 1, 2007, Secretary Mollis has been making it easier for Rhode Islanders to vote, helping businesses grow, preserving our history and making government more open and accessible.

The Mollis administration introduced e-commerce tools for small businesses, made public records more accessible, tightened State House lobbying-reporting requirements, recorded 700,000 registered voters and presided over elections that broke records for turnout in a primary and in a general election.

His "Voters First" initiative explored innovative ways to improve the way Rhode Islanders vote through a series of public hearings and workshops. His election reform legislative agenda includes bills that attacked voter fraud and cleaned up the voting rolls.

Public Service

Secretary Mollis is also active on the national level. He served four terms on the Executive Committee of the National Association of Secretaries of State and Vice President for the Eastern Region, and currently co-chairs the Committee on Elections. In addition, he served as co-chair of the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State and was one of the organization's two appointments to the Democratic National Committee.

Before being elected Secretary of State, he served as Mayor of North Providence. In his 10 years as Mayor, Secretary Mollis was recognized for improving the town's finances and public education. His financial stewardship was noted by Standard & Poor's, among others, when the rating agency upgraded North Providence's Bond Rating, writing, "(t)he town's financial operations are sound. and... the town is on track to close with its sixth consecutive surplus..."

North Providence also completed an impressive "Main Street Revitalization Program," built a state-of-the-art senior center and developed an outstanding school system under his leadership. Two new middle schools were opened in 2002, millions of dollars of improvements were made to the elementary schools and a newly renovated high school received accreditation and national recognition.

In recognition of his leadership on municipal issues, he was named President of the Rhode Island League of Cities of Towns in 2003-2004. Prior to being elected Mayor, he served 10 years on the Town Council, including two years as President.

Honors, Education & Experience

Secretary Mollis has received numerous honors including the National Notary Association's Coolidge Award, the Italo-American Association Man of the Year Award, the Portuguese-American Citizens Committee's Government Award, the Cesar Chavez Award and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Merit Award.

Secretary Mollis is a graduate of North Providence High School and St. Anselm College. He also attended Southern New England School of Law before leaving to begin his professional career in finance with LAMCO Pension and Investment Advisory Firm, where he rose to Vice President/Director of Office Operations.

Secretary Mollis is a lifelong Rhode Island resident, the proud parent of three adult children and is from a family whose roots in Rhode Island date back more than 100 years.